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At CAF on July 5, 2012, Patrick Melroy, Katy McCarthy, and Samantha Fretwell from Uppur Bunk Collaborative Art Space orchestrated an experimental performance that humorously merged the art world with the digital gaming world. At CAF, guests wandered through an interactive art experience progressing through the game by gathering tokens and talismans along their journey to the upper echelons of the art world.
CAF Lounge-Quest 01CAF Lounge-Quest 02CAF Lounge-Quest 03CAF Lounge-Quest 04CAF Lounge-Quest 05CAF Lounge-Quest 06CAF Lounge-Quest 07CAF Lounge-Quest 08CAF Lounge-Quest 09CAF Lounge-Quest 10CAF Lounge-Quest 11CAF Lounge-Quest 12CAF Lounge-Quest 13CAF Lounge-Quest 14CAF Lounge-Quest 15CAF Lounge-Quest 16CAF Lounge-Quest 17CAF Lounge-Quest 18CAF Lounge-Quest 19CAF Lounge-Quest 20