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More Than Just a Party Band (Kickstarter)

This is the Kickstarter video for raising funds to produce a premier community event celebrating Santa Barbara’s very own Spencer Barnitz! This documentary film, retrospective album, and live concert event will occur in the third weekend of November, 2022.
Whether you’re a lucky tourist or a born-and-raised Santa Barbarian, when Spencer Barnitz (aka Spencer The Gardener) yells to the crowd, you know the party has begun. Starting out in the 80’s with his iconic band The Tan, Spencer was part of a burgeoning music scene that put Santa Barbara on the musical map.
Working with famed producers from Robbie Krieger (The Doors) to Robbie Robertson (The Band), Spencer has experienced many faces of the music biz. From local fame to traveling the world, this well-read and accomplished surfer has seen it all. Living and breathing in one of America’s richest cities, Spencer epitomizes Santa Barbara’s laid-back lifestyle, filled with surf, sun, music, and even Tango!
What’s his secret? What’s the code? How has Spencer become an icon of our community while living the Santa Barbara dream on an artist’s wage? Maybe it isn’t a secret at all, but a state of mind, an acceptance, or an inner gift he’s willing to share with us all.